Cheap Gym Membership

Did a thing last week and purchased a 3 month gym membership at Charlottetown Inn & Suites. Usage is $115 for 3 months, compared to a recently discounted $230 at Full Throttle Fitness. Full Throttle would be best but looking for more privacy. With a 2 person limit at Charlottetown Inn, that shouldn’t be a problem.

$115 for 3 months may’ve been too good to be true. Both treadmills aren’t working and there isn’t much selection of weight machines. Most of my exercise is on treadmill but luckily use free weights and remember exercises from Moe’s Martial Arts, plus there are elliptical machines and bikes.

Usage is for 1 hour so efficiency is key so creating routines at home for solo workout and if there’s a random user. I pumped and ran hard at the Iron Loft in 2013 and 2014 but never stuck with it after. My physical health isn’t there right now so need to do less when I’m in the gym and stick with moderate physical activity throughout life rather stopping and starting (burn out from trying to be the best at exercising).

There was little preparation my 1st workout and things hit a snag with treadmills disabled. Walking/jogging was of greater interest for the next 3 months but not anymore, Ellipticals are too extreme for heavy cardio right now. Noticing the dumbbells max at 30lbs, I figured I could do a few more reps and not overdo it like usual. Nope!

An old routine was doing squats holding weight. After 10 months of very little squats, 30 squats holding 20lbs in each hand destroyed my quad muscles. Later on, squats were done without weight because there was considerable pain in my knees. The rest of the workout consisted of dumbbell rows, lifts, and exercises on a flat workout mat. There was also 2.5 minutes on the elliptical but decided to get off before doing 10 mins and sweating up the bench for skullcrushers at session’s end.

The session lasted about 55 minutes. I didn’t have much downtime but I took breaks, messaged friends and managed music. It didn’t seem like a major workout but my legs were toast. Squats are so good and so bad at the same time. It will feel better after future workouts but glad to have a private spot that won’t entice me to lift heavier or run faster because locals are around. After 3 months, trails will be open for walking and golf will be in full swing. Time to make tiny gains and continue gaining for life’s remainder. Thanks for reading!