Superstroke Explanations

I got three different types of Superstroke putting grips in stock this season: Traxion Pistol GT Tour, Traxion Pistol GT Tour 1.0, and Mid-Slim 2.0.

When Superstroke putter grips 1st came out, golfers were interested in the size and the weight of something big to control hand movement. Eventually, golfers wanted the size toned down and perhaps have greater golf technology, such as adjustable weighting or a flatter area to place hands. Other’s just wanted a slimmer grip than the old Superstrokes with the same contour (roundness) and no taper.

Last season’s leftover stock include the Pistol GT Tour 1.0 and Mid-Slim 2.0. Mid-Slim 2.0 has a soft feel and it’s constant parallel design is intended to relax grip hand pressure, giving the idea of weight balance and consistency, keeping the hands quiet throughout the putting stroke. Two are available. One provides the Toronto Maple Leafs logo and the other, Montreal Canadiens. That should lure you towards the Superstroke Mid-Slim 2.0, or draw your attention to the Pistol GT Tour 1.0.

The Pistol GT Tour 1.0 is a more modern take on traditional putting grips, with a pistol-like top section to help lock in upper hand position with the “no taper technology” of Superstrokes. The “Traxion Technology” involves tracks in high sensory areas, such as the grip’s sides and bottom, and “Spyne Technology” is a ridge in the grip’s underside, promoting consistent hand placement to square putter face, starting putts online.

The Pistol GT Tour is the newest and currently PGA’s most popular of the Superstroke Traxion line, which is the smallest of Pistol GT grips and weigh less than the 1.0. Oddly enough, the Pistol GT 1.0 is over 30 grams heavier than the Mid-Slim 2.0 and the Pistol GT Tour, 18 grams. It appears Superstroke users desire no taper but offsetting size with weight, along with comfort provided for the top hand.

Both Pistol GT Tour and 1.0 were winners on Tour last season. If hands are an issue, 1.0 is a safe bet but there isn’t much to differentiate myself from using either type grip. The Pistol GT Tour is the closest thing to Scotty Cameron pistol putter grips and provides the extra grip technology to collaborate well with Scotty Cameron’s technology. Sadly, the Montreal Canadiens Mid-Slim 2.0 may not get sold for a few seasons. They suck right now.

Thanks for reading and next post will discuss my new 3 month gym membership and easy routines for a shitbox gym. It may be a shitbox but for the next while it is my shitbox!! Enjoy.

Superstroke Traxion Pistol GT
Superstroke Mid-Slim 2.0
Sweet Rollz “Pina Colada”