Golf Membership Dilemma

I have two options for 2022 regarding a golf membership, Avondale or Crowbush (PEI’s Finest Golf, including Brudenell and Dundarave). Let’s look at some factors.


Avondale $1000
Crowbush (60 rounds) $1800

Crowbush introduced a new flex package. 50 rounds cost $1600 ($32/round), 60 for $1800, 70 for $1960, and unlimited for $2500. That’s a major jump from $1635 for those that play over 70 rounds (Bill McGuire, Phil Beach, etc.) but since I’m planning on working 30-40 hours after lobster traps are in the building, I could get away with a 50-round pass (twice a week) and it wouldn’t change anything financially if I’m employed at Countryview and play once a week there. 60-round passes are $165 greater than last season’s Diamond Membership. That’s not bad but an Avondale membership provides the opportunity of playing 70+ rounds for a maximum price of $1115. Also, if 8 people buy new membership’s together, the full membership is reduced $20/golfer. In this case, $160. The power cart membership at Avondale is also $100 less. With taxes, PEI’s Finest 60-round package with power cart season rental is $2702.50. Avondale, $1667.50


According to Google Maps, Avondale is 24 minutes from my house. Crowbush is 9 minutes away. Each round at Avondale over Crowbush equals 30 minutes of extra driving. $10 fuel multiplied by 60 rounds is $600 spent towards driving to Avondale instead of Crowbush. $1035 in membership savings turned into $435. Variables include hitching a ride with someone local, but I mostly ride solo.


Avondale is a traditionally quicker course to play but slow play happens there too and only consequential to golfers behind slow groups. Combine that with an extra 30-minute drive. Hopefully that isn’t the “new normal.”

Without afternoon memberships, greater availability for after work golf is possible at Crowbush because full members won’t be competing with afternoon members for limited afternoon tee times or hogging from afternoon golf specific players.


Sometimes you meet someone really cool at Crowbush and sometimes it’s a nightmare. I’m cool with joining groups but sometimes it’s weird. Usually someone that joins us at Crowbush harshes my mellow. Usually, golfers joining at Avondale isn’t of much concern unless everyone knows of each other, or they really want someone to play with.


Avondale is the best place to play fiscally and is the best option to play with most of my friends. For $435 extra dollars and less distance from my house, I should maintain Crowbush as my home course and get friends on at Countryview with me for $30-$35/round with power cart, but two factors would sway my playing decision towards Avondale. One is the discount for people purchasing memberships together. Right now, there are potentially 4, including myself, but need at least 8 total new members to buy together to pay $840 instead of $1000 for membership. Another factor is something I can’t think of right now. Let’s close it at that.

Thanks for reading and next post will discuss the difference between Superstroke Traxion Pistol GT Tour, Superstroke Traxion Pistol GT 1.0, and Superstroke Mid-Slim 2.0 so stay tuned.