Golf Grip Sale

It’s a bit early to think about golf around here but interest is low for anything else lately (besides fishing). Plus, Golftown delivered grips today.

I used to be tight lipped where I buy golf stuff but golf websites with clubs and used Titleists can be found with little effort. The conflicting part is paying the minimum amount to receive free shipping and having extra golf inventory. There are good golf shops in Charlottetown but is it worth spending over $10 fuel to install a $15 grip? Instead, how about $5 max fuel for that same grip for $10 (atm)? Ideally no, but if in the city once or twice a week anyway that isn’t an issue. That is mainly why there isn’t anything like a golf/sports shop in rural areas because little money is coming in, even if local usage is high. If prices get higher, men will drive their truck 30 minutes at $1.50/Litre fuel for a slightly lower price without hesitation. In that case, there never will be. Even a friend will go elsewhere with more convenience.

Prices are high right now and a great sale is few and far between but took advantage of the grip sale to pick up a few Superstroke Pistol GT Tour putter grips and a few Tour Velvets to complete the order. If Toronto finally does well in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Maple Leafs Superstroke and ball marker can finally sell! Also, the only sets I have this year are standard MCC Plus4, and Align midsize; probably counterfeit. However, I’m not turning pro. You likely aren’t either and they don’t smell like petroleum so if no one wants them cheap, one set will go on my irons no problem. That’s why I appreciate good quality product on sale, even if in February. Winn Dri-Tac and Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 (blue) will be available in standard size for 2-6 club install.

It’s too bad Taylormade p790 irons never go on sale though. Titleist T200 irons are on for $1200 total. If I purchased T200’s I’d have to sell my kickass Taylormade carry bag. It is so light and haven’t found a Titleist bag that compares. Somedays an 18-hole walk is fine but somedays it’s a struggle and the lighter the bag, the better. If someone from Titleist is available, let’s talk!

Thanks for reading. Next post will talk about memberships at Avondale and PEI’s Finest Golf. Decisions decisions!

Superstroke Pistol GT Tour
Winn Dri-Tac
Superstroke Mid-Slim 2.0
Golf Pride MCC Align (Red)
Winn Ladies Dri-Tac
Sweet Rollz putter grip