Why Game “The Golf Shed” ‘s Used Golf Balls?

The answer is simple. The customer plays a premium brand name ball at a much lower rate. For example, buy a dozen used, mint quality TaylorMade Tour Preferred balls for $32 compared to $57 new, everywhere else. How about 12 used, mint quality Callaway Supersoft golf balls for $18 instead of $32 for new ones?

One problem with the 48 balls for $28 bag at big retail stores are the quality of balls. They aren’t Mint/AAAAA quality and hardly include a premium type. The Golf Shed carries AAAAA quality of top brands like Titleist, Nike, TaylorMade, Srixon, Snell, Bridgestone, Callaway, and Wilson.

The Golf Shed encourages golfers to try top ball brands at a low price. If a favorite is picked, purchase a dozen balls for practice and either use these balls at events or break out a new box of that type from a retail store/pro-shop. However, The Golf Shed’s balls look to be hit only a couple times before getting lost and are much cheaper. 


Thanks for your interest and reading. Additionally, all Snell golf balls are new and Snell Golf is the topic for my next blog. Stay tuned.