3 Fights for Nate Diaz.


Though Conor MacGregor was the top draw for UFC 196, Diaz brought attention of an audience seeking excitement and delivered, establishing the Diaz name to another level.

After “moving the needle”, Dana White suggested a possibility of Diaz vs Robbie Lawler. Let’s look deeper and review a list of 3 opponents for Diaz.

Robbie Lawler


Lawler’s name was mentioned quickly after Diaz’s UFC 196 victory. It would be an intriguing fight but welterweight is full of contenders: Carlos Condit, Rory MacDonald, Tyrone Woodley, Stephan Thompson, and Damien Maia to name a few.

Rafael dos Anjos


RDA defeated Diaz at UFC on Fox: dos Santos vs Miocic 15 months ago along his journey to the Lightweight Title but sees a rematch as a golden payday while gaining exposure. The UFC denied a Diaz vs RDA title fight for UFC 200 but isn’t denied for a different event.

Eddie Alvarez


Alvarez defeated Anthony Pettis at UFC Fight Night in January. If the winner of Tony Furguson vs Khabib Nurmagomenov faces dos Anjos for the LW Title next, Alvarez vs Diaz provides a clear indication who’s right behind.


The logical choice for Nate Diaz’s next opponent is Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 201. Diaz is the hottest name in MMA until new news of Conor MacGregor while UFC needs a draw to keep rolling after its showcase event, UFC 200.

Hopefully Diaz doesn’t screw up until then, which is a real possibility.